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Berné Theron-Laubscher

Design & Operations Manager

Berné is an entrepreneur who started Theron & Theron with her sister in 2015 and

Specializes in design and manufacturing at the company.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Fashion at LISOF Pretoria.

There she had the first experience with the world of fashion and was exposed to numerous high-end events including

SA Fashion Week. Her love for the industry took a different turn when she decided to explore accessories

and more specifically handbags. She believes that a handbag completes any ensemble

and gives a personal feel to the women wearing it.

Therefore, at Theron & Theron, Berne designs handbags that reflect the personality of every client.​

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Simoné Theron-Potgieter


Product Photographer

Simoné is an entrepreneur who started Theron & Theron with her sister in 2015

and specializes in marketing, social media and design at the company.

Simone graduated at the University of North West, Potchefstroom, with a Bachelor’s degree in

International Trading and Economics and have a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

After graduating in 2012, Simone went on an international journey where she worked for one of the top airlines, Emirates.

There she had the opportunity to experience different cultures, business and fashion around the world.

She came back with the desire to start a company with a unique approach to empower women in the fashion and business world.

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